Healthy food. Great taste. No sacrifices. Boho Bars was started in 2017 by Nicole Haney. Like most new entrepreneurs, she found her DIY brand was holding her back in the competitive nutritional bar market and she was ready to take her business to the next level. She wanted her bars to have a west coast vibe and bring a little sunshine into her customers’ lives when they see the packaging.

Working together we developed this brand on a tight budget to help her immediately grow her business almost overnight. Creating a warm and welcoming colour palette for each of the bar packages, it’s almost impossible to not pick one up when you see them.

“The package is so photogenic! A number of people had said that it is “Instagram-able” 🙂 Business is booming! I honestly can’t believe what a difference it has made. People are more willing to pick up the product and try it and once they try it they are hooked. We are currently having trouble keeping up with demand (!) which is a wonderful problem to have. I just hired another baker to help with our capacity issues!

Thanks for helping me bring my vision to life! My brand investment is already paying off. I just wished I would have done this earlier!”

Nicole Haney / Owner

Modern Eye