We love to see new clients come in to the door not knowing exactly how we can help them but knowing they need what we provide. Walking them through the process and learning their business and goals is what keeps our business interesting on a daily basis. I’m there to understand what they are looking for and ensure that the Carve creative team is on the same page to deliver exceptional creative solutions. We work hard at it and it shows.

What makes me what I am today…? So many things:
– kids and the love and work that come with them
– a well-crafted logo
– the perfect font
– vintage motorcycles
– a clean kitchen
– my ’71 vw bus
– craft beer and spirits
– pretty much anything on wheels
– happy clients



Jesse is also an RGD (Registered Graphic Designer) and was recently elected to the RGD Board of Directors. He brings a wealth of experience in the design field and draws inspiration from architecture, photography and fine art, as well as keeping a close eye on emerging design trends and techniques. A visual thinker and a problem solver at heart, graphic design provides him with the perfect balance between creative output and practical application.

Jesse also considers travel and life experience a major part of his take on the world of design. As an avid cyclist, he loves the beauty of a simple single speed conversion and three day mountain bike trips are a necessary part of his relaxing time. Not afraid to get his hands dirty, he’s happy to pull a silk screen poster or get behind the camera. Enjoys a good craft beer for more than its packaging. Being a Dad to two busy boys helps him not take his work home with him (but he still does now and then).



Amanda has been designing and art directing for well over a decade. Her love for anything artsy keeps her wheels constantly turning and ever-creating. Finds inspiration anywhere from a great tune to a classic movie poster, and is busy thinking up the next great idea.

Hailing from Northern Ontario, this girl isn’t afraid to bait her own hook. She digs four-wheelers, snow machines, and her daddy’s fishing boat. She believes everyone should experience the view from her camp deck at least once. And yes, it’s a camp, not a cottage.

Having done her first year of design school by hand only, she acquired some serious technical skills and fell deeply in love with typography. Admits she’s a sucker for most lightweight, sans serif, fonts and stands by her truth that Helvetica never gets old. Oddly, loves the smell of a freshly printed brochure. Can waste the day away sketching in the corner of any Indigo. She loves a well-thought out concept, down to the very last detail (because you know, that’s where the devil is).

Guilty of singing at the top of her lungs when driving alone. Enjoys morning snuggles with her kiddies and a good cup a coffee, that is, when she doesn’t have to reheat it 147 times.