Jason is a Fanshawe College graphic design graduate and an award-winning RGD (Registered Graphic Designer) since 1998. He has experience as a graphic designer for corporate in-house, design agency, freelance and running his own agency. He’s had a taste of all aspects of working in the creative industry for almost 30 years and brings that experience to help benefit his clients. Designing logos and building brands are what Carve has become knows for since 2004.

“I love meeting new clients when they know they need help to build their brand but don’t know how. Walking them through the process and learning their business and goals is what keeps brand building interesting on a daily basis. I’m there to understand what they are looking for and ensure that exceptional creative solutions are delivered.”

Jason also runs the London Creative Network which is an online group that connects designers, photographers, writers, artists, etc in the creative field. This group is a resource for helping the creative grow and stay connected with the local industry.